Concerns with Do-It-Yourself Cleanses

Will your Parasite Cleansing, Colon Cleansing and Kidney Cleansing Work?

This page contains information and advice on helping you make your parasite cleansing, colon cleansing and kidney cleansing experience simpler, less expensive and more effective. If you haven't done so already, I suggest you get the background information on parasite cleansing, colon cleansing, or kidney cleansing.

Value of Time (and Money)

I recall that when I first wanted to cleanse my colon, cleanse my kidneys and rid my body of parasites, I went to local stores looking for the ingredients that I needed. From finding organic, unfiltered apple juice to the variety of herbal and nutritional supplements, I actually had to go to a few stores in my area to find what I needed at reasonable prices. After all was said and done, I actually ended up spending far more money that I thought I would on the various supplements. Counting the value of my time, this was an expensive process. However, since it was to promote my good health, I had no problem justifying it - and the results were well worth it.

I found the most effective use of my time was purchasing the majority of ingredients at a reputable health food store or online. However, you should verify that whatever you are buying is fresh and from reputable suppliers.

Mismatched Hot Dogs and Buns

Have you ever noticed that hot dogs come 8 to a package and buns come 12 to a package (or is it the other way around – it has been so long since I have bought hot dogs, I have forgotten). It takes 3 packs of hot dogs and 2 packs of buns to match up the hot dogs to buns. Are you wondering why a site dedicated to natural healing is talking about hot dogs? Well, my point is that no matter what, you end up with extra ingredients you did not actually need or want.

I felt the same way after going through my do-it-yourself cleansing process. After going through all of my cleansing, I found that I had leftovers of each type of supplement – but not enough to do another cleanse. Therefore, as with hot dogs and buns, I concluded that I had paid for quantities I did not need, although in many cases, I purchased the smallest quantities available.

Unfortunately, the only solution I have come up with for this is to use kit-based cleansing products – products that package all of the necessary ingredients (preferrably already premixed) into an easy to use kit. Buy one kit and do one cleanse - simple isn't it? You can find these kits at your local health food store or online. Once again, make sure you buy from a reputable supplier and make sure the products are fresh.

Quality and Product Purity

The colon cleansing, kidney cleansing, and parasite cleansing methods described on this site are safe and effective, regardless of the health of your colon or kidneys – if (and this is a big if) the foods and supplements you use for the cleansing are of sufficient quality and do not contain other harmful additives. It is when you cannot guarantee the quality of the supplements that you have to start to question the process.

For example, a friend was recently doing her first parasite cleanse. She was seeing no signs of parasite infection through the process - apparently good news. When she was done with the cleanse, she ended up with too much of one ingredient leftover (see "Hot Dogs and Buns" above). She decided to continue taking that ingredient, but in a higher dosage, to finish it off. After a few doses, she started to see signs of parasites being expelled from her body. We can only conclude that the strength of the ingredient was less than it should have been, either due to poor quality controls or extended shelf time after it was produced. It was only the higher dosage that caused the intended reaction.

After some additional reading and investigation, I was dismayed about the fact that essential aspects related to the cleansing – namely quality and product purity – were not adequately addressed.

According to the National Institute of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements , “…it is difficult to determine the quality of a dietary supplement product from its label. The degree of quality control depends on the manufacturer, the supplier, and others in the production process. FDA is authorized to issue Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations describing conditions under which dietary supplements must be prepared, packed, and stored. FDA published a proposed rule…that is intended to ensure that manufacturing practices will result in an unadulterated dietary supplement and that dietary supplements are accurately labeled. Until this proposed rule is finalized, dietary supplements … are primarily concerned with safety and sanitation rather than dietary supplement quality. Some manufacturers voluntarily follow drug GMPs, which are more rigorous...” . Not good – our government is acknowledging that there is a problem with quality of supplements we are consuming.

Paul Zane Pilzer, an advisor to two U.S. presidential administrations and a leading author, claims that "…between one-quarter and one-third of the dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, and herbals) sold in the United States today… do not contain what they say they do on the label ... No wonder about a third of the people who have tried dietary supplements have found them to be ineffective…”. Here is another credible source saying that there is a problem with not thoroughly researching the supplements we take.

For example, black walnut hulls that are used in parasite cleansing must actually be harvested green, before they turn black. These green hulls are stripped from the nuts and cleaned. Then they are broken down into smaller parts and soaked in a solution of alcohol and water, which breaks down the hulls and forms a tincture. You can well imagine that if the hulls are harvested too late or if they are broken down in an inappropriate amount of solution, the strength and efficacy of the resulting treatment can change dramatically. Spending money on a product with diminished efficacy and taking the time to use it for parasite cleansing would be a waste of time and money. In general, strict quality controls and standards are required to be able to predict efficacy.

Make sure that whatever product you purchase is fresh (not past its shelf life), and also is from a reputable manufacturer that stands behind their products.

Proven Efficacy vs. Voodoo Science

I truly believe in and have used the techniques on this site to promote good health. However, many people consider alternative healing techniques in general, and body cleansing in particular, voodoo science. This is primarily because insufficient money has been spent adequately testing these alternative healing techniques using scientifically conducted trial methodology (e.g. double blind testing with large enough samples). Whatever testing that has been done, has not been publicized widely enough. Many of these techniques are based on trial and error medicine, or rely on ancient traditions. This by no means makes them less effective. In fact, I believe that something that has withstood the test of time draws validity from that test. However, for some, it would be more comforting to know that these techniques were proven through modern scientific principles and methodologies. Wouldn’t everyone want to use simple techniques to achieve good health, if those techniques were proven to work? I will continue to try and find evidence based on scientific methodology, to help you feel better about the alternative healing therapies on this site.

My Recommendation for Cleansing

Based on my investigations and “field experience” (having undertaken numerous cleanses and having advised people on cleansing regimes), I have found that doing a parasite cleanse, colon cleanse and kidney cleanse are simpler, easier and more cost effective (especially when you consider the value of time) by purchasing kits, rather than the do-it-yourself method. Considering all of the factors above (especially thos related to efficacy of products), here is my recommendation

Get ready to take The Natural Path to good health.

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