Concentrated Vitamins and Nutrients

Juicing is a simple, tasty method for you to supplement your diet with concentrated vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients derived from natural sources.

By separating the most nutritious part of the plant from the indigestible fiber, it allows you to consume substantially more of any given vegetable or fruit. In the absence of plant fiber, your digestive system does not need to work hard at all to absorb the nutrients, which allows your body to maximize the nutritional content of the juice with the least amount of energy expended.

So why not simply run to the store and buy bottled or frozen?

Vitamins begin to decompose quickly. If you store fresh juice for more than 12 hours, it will begin to oxidize and lose its nutritional value. For manufacturers to bottle or freeze juice, they must process it in some fashion – by heating it or by adding preservatives, both of which negatively affect its nutritional value.

Why can't I use the perfectly good blender that I have in my cabinet? 

While a blender will break up the fiber, it will be unable to separate the fiber from the juice. This means that you will not be able to drink as much of the blender juice. Think of it this way, all the blender does is grind up the plant fiber, which simply saves your teeth some work. Your body will still need to expend the same amount of energy to extract the necessary nutrients.

What qualities should a good juicer have?

These days a good juicer does not need to be very expensive. You can purchase a good quality juicer at your local home goods store or just click on the ad to the left for the one that we use. First and foremost, a good quality juicer should always have a separate, external container to collect the fiber. It should have a fine mesh strainer within the body of the juicer that can be removed easily for cleaning. Definitely look for one with a wide-mouthed chute! If it looks like you can insert your fist into the chute, then you will be able to insert a whole medium apple. Remember, the smaller the opening on the chute, the more cutting you'll have to do before you can even start juicing. Lastly, we bought a 2 Cup clear measuring cup that we use to collect the juice. It is an easy way to keep track of your serving sizes and allows you to divide up juice made for two people.

Follow this link for some healthy, tasty juicing recipes.

Now that you are hooked on the delicious, nutritious benefits of fresh juice, consider combining it with a juice fast. Learn how to improve the benefits of fasting and make fasting easier through this approach.

Juicing is The Natural Path to good health.


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