Juicing Recipes

Now that you’ve discovered the numerous health benefits of juicing, it’s time to discuss what to juice.

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Here’s one delicious juicing recipe to get you started;

Carrot-Jicama-Parsley Juice 

This juice is rich in calcium and phosphorus and will soothe upset stomachs and indigestion.

- 5-6 carrots
- 1 (1 inch) slice of Jicama
- Handful of parsley

Slice the jicama into 2-3 strips if you need to, in order to feed into the juicer. Juice the parsley with the jicama and carrots to extract the maximum juice.

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Juicing Guidelines

How to pick and prepare the produce for the juicing recipes:

-Buy organic wherever possible.

-Always wash your produce first, even if it is organic.

-If your produce is not organic, then peel it before juicing.

-You get the best juice from firm, ripe fruits and vegetables. If it is overripe or too soft, you will extract more pulp than juice.

Can I mix fruits and vegetables together?

Do your best to separate vegetable from fruit juices. Your body works differently to absorb nutrients from vegetable versus fruit sources. Carrots and apples are the only items that are interchangeable, and can be mixed with either fruit or vegetable juices. You will notice that many of the recipes provided below start with either carrots or apples.

- Fruits are revitalizers and body cleansers.

- Whole fruits are more easily digested than vegetables and are a good source of fiber.

- If you are monitoring your blood sugar intake, fruit juices do contain a high amount of fructose, so go easy on them.

- Vegetables are harder to digest when eaten whole. They are bulkier and are broken down more slowly by the body than fruit.

- Vegetables are responsible for strong healthy muscles, tissues, glands and organs. In juice form, you can consume nearly 100% of the available nutrients.

Are there other guidelines I should follow?

- Avoid juicing bananas or avocados as they are often too soft and will clog the juicer.

- Green vegetable juice – Limit green juice to 2 oz per glass and fill the rest of the glass with a milder juice, such as carrot or apple. Otherwise you may experience temporary gastric discomfort.

- Beet juice – Limit to 4 oz per glass and fill the rest with a milder juice, such as carrot or apple.

- Citrus – with grapefruit, tangerines and oranges, remove and discard all of the rind, but keep as much of the white pith as possible since it is chock full of nutrients. You can juice lemons and limes whole with their rinds.

- Melons - Juice with both the peel and interior white rind, as much of the nutritional value of the melon resides in these sections of the fruit.

When you take your first sip of the freshly made juice, swish it around your mouth until it feels warm and tastes sweet. This activates the digestive enzymes that are naturally present in your saliva.

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