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You Are What You Eat

A natural and organic food diet should be at the center of a proper nutrition program. Have you ever heard the phrase – you are what you eat? By eating natural and organic foods, and consuming lots of fruits and vegetables through juicing, you can eat your way to good health. Now that is a diet I can live with!

I hate the word diet. It conjures up visions of starving myself to try to shed some pounds. In our society, the word diet has become synonymous with restriction of certain foods to lose weight. However, these fad diets generally do more harm than good. Once the goal is reached – if it is reached – old eating habits return. Generally the weight that was lost is regained quickly. Even worse, during the diet, unhealthy foods are substituted for natural ones, leading to worse general health. Take for instance substituting saccharin or aspartame for sugar. These man-made chemicals can do more harm than good.

The natural and organic food diet is not a temporary fad. It is a lifestyle change that promotes good health and long life. Because the natural and organic food diet is more likely to provide the nutrition your body needs and also has a cleansing effect on your body, it will allow your body to heal itself. By eliminating the foods that introduce or create toxins in your body, and by eating foods that are natural and organic, you will achieve good health.

The premise of the natural and organic food diet is to avoid foods that contain artificial sweeteners and other additives. Since these food additives do not naturally occur in nature and are created by man, the human body does not process them correctly. It causes the body to build up toxins and generally leads to bad health. Similarly, use of non-naturally occurring fats and oils can also lead to compromised health. Also find out why ultra-low fat diets may actually be hurting your health and why some fats are essential to your health.

Farmers feed growth hormones and antibiotics to animals raised for meats and dairy products, in order to increase the output of the farm. Additionally, farmers treat vegetables and fruit they grow with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Therefore, eating natural and organic meats and dairy products and organic produce relieves your body of the added burden of processing these chemicals present in the food we eat.

Other Nutritional Considerations

Vitamin, Mineral and Phytonutrient Supplements

Unless you are consuming 7 - 9 servings of organic fruits and vegetables per day, plus eating a variety of other nutrient rich foods, it is likely that you will need to take a vitamin and mineral supplement to get your daily requirement of these essential nutrients. Although such supplements are not a substitute for eating fruits and vegetables, selecting the right mineral and vitamin supplement can provide much of what your body needs each day. Additionally, unless your vitamin and mineral supplement contains natural fruit and vegetable extracts, you will likely need to take a phytonturient supplement.

The Importance of Controlling Blood Sugar

Controlling your blood sugar is increasingly recognized as a key element in overall health. It not only helps avoid the onset of diabetes and hypoglycemia, but limiting your blood sugar spikes can have other benefits such as improved immune response, lowering your cholesterol and helping to fight off cancer.

Changes in your blood sugar cause your body to release insulin, which is used to properly transport and metabolize the sugar. Since insulin is longer lived than blood sugar, food that causes rapid increases / decreases in blood sugar tends to leave excess insulin. Excess insulin leads to poor health and the onset of serious ailments and diseases.

Rapid changes in blood sugar spikes Foods such as simple sugars that rapidly raise your blood sugar are said to have a high glycemic index. Foods such as complex carbohydrates that take longer to digest, and thus do not as quickly affect your blood sugar level, are called low glycemic foods. 

Getting Sufficient Fiber

Taking sufficient fiber each day is a key ingredient to maintaining good health. Eating high fiber foods helps keep your digestive tract clean, helps control blood sugar, and also helps eliminate toxins and fatty deposits that can cause ill health.

Are you Dehydrated?

Water is a key component in our bodies. Consuming sufficient water is key to our good health. Benefit of drinking water provides guidelines on how much water you should be drinking daily, as well as when you are on a cleansing regime. 

Following a natural and organic food diet is
The Natural Path to good health.

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