The Benefit of
Drinking Water

The obvious benefit of drinking water is that it replenishes an ingredient that is essential to our body. Almost 60% of your body is comprised of water, so how can it not be important? In the course of a day, our body depletes itself of water through urine, sweat, and normal cellular activity. Lack of adequate water slows down our metabolism and interferes with healing, toxin removal, removal of old cells and replacement with new tissue. Therefore, drinking plenty of water is an important part of both daily life and toxic cleansing.

How much water should I drink?
The answer to this question initially surprised me. At a minimum, to prevent dehydration, you should drink (in ounces) the number of pounds of your body weight divided by two. To calculate the number of 8 ounce glasses you should drink per day, divide your body weight in pounds by 16 and round up. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, you should be drinking 10 glasses of water, each 8 ounces.

If you are dehydrated, you should see an immediate benefit of drinking water. First, your bowel movements should become more regular. Next, if you are prone to breakouts, these should clear up. Notice how your skin is less dry? And these are only a few of the visible benefits of drinking water.
How much water should I drink while following a cleansing regime?
Remember, the calculation above is the minimum amount of water you need to prevent dehydration – not to cleanse your body of toxins. When you are on a cleansing program, you should be drinking at least twice that amount. For example, if you cleanse your liver using the liver cleanse program on this site or are following the fasting program, your liver will be flushing its stored toxins into your bloodstream. Your urinary system is one of the key methods of eliminating these toxins. Lack of water will make you feel sick – sort of like you felt when you had a hangover. Therefore, regardless of which cleansing program you are on, you should be drinking twice the amount of water recommended in the paragraph above. So if you weigh 160 pounds, then you should be drinking 20 glasses of water. You may find this difficult. In fact, you may find that you will have to urinate quite frequently when you first start drinking water at this rate. However, as your body gets used to it, the capacity of your bladder will increase and you will soon start to think of drinking this much water as natural.

Does coffee and sodas count toward by daily goal?
The above guideline is for how much water to drink – not soda, not coffee. They are not the same thing. Since soda or coffee have toxins and contaminants already mixed into them, their ability to cleanse your body is substantially diminished. Moreover, many sodas and coffee are diuretic. This means that they make you urinate more frequently – thus negating the benefit of drinking water.

A benefit of drinking water is achieving
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