Healing Crisis

Part of the Healing Process

A healing crisis is when you experience symptoms from diseases and toxins that are released during your detoxification process. Perhaps a simple example may help.

What if every year, you painted your walls a different color? As time went on, you layered color upon color. Finally after 30 years in the house, you found that the newest paint was not sticking properly because layers of paint underneath were cracking and coming off. So you decided to strip all of the paint off the walls and give it a fresh coat of paint. Well, as you started stripping off paint, you saw earlier layers. There was the year when you decided that a lot of color would go well with your white furniture. Then there was the year that neutral off-white colors were the right answer. Finally, you reach the part of the wall that had the ugly wallpaper that the previous owners had put up before you moved in. Once you get that wallpaper off and a few more layers of paint, you have finally cleaned the wall sufficiently to give the new paint a solid surface on the wall to stick to. In the process of stripping all the paint and wallpaper, you get glimpses of what your walls were like and what they went through.

Well, believe it or not, your body works in a similar way. As our bodies store fat, the chemistry of the fat reflects the internal body conditions at the time the fat was stored. Each year, the illnesses that you caught left a small residue of the virus or bacteria in your fatty deposits. The toxins you ingested left their mark as well. Maybe it was that year in college when you drank too heavily because you were inexperienced … or trace amounts of antibiotics and growth hormones that were embedded in the abundance of meat you ate during your high-protein diet phase. Deposits throughout your body have kept a sampling record of what you have been through.

Well, now picture that any cleansing you undergo is like stripping paint and wallpaper from the analogy above. As you cleanse and detoxify your body, you will be releasing the toxins, bacteria, and viruses that were built up in your fatty deposits. As they are released, you may experience symptoms that you experienced when you initially dealt with that particular malady or event – albeit in a milder form. You may get a runny nose, you may feel tired, you may develop body aches or you may even develop a fever, as your body works its way through years of toxins and disease. In fact, as with the paint and wallpaper analogy, the symptoms you experience will likely be in the reverse order of when you first experienced them. Toxins that your body was exposed to in recent years will show their effect first, then will be followed by things that occurred earlier in your life.

This is called a healing crisis. During the healing process, you may experience some discomfort and you may feel like you are catching something. In extreme cases of toxicity, you may actually feel quite ill. However, rest assured that it is your body’s way of cleansing – getting rid of these toxins once and for all. During your cleansing, if you feel sick, chances are it is from toxins, bacteria and viruses that are being released into your body from your fatty deposits.

You may experience a healing crisis when you are detoxifying your elimination organs, such as your liver. During a liver cleanse , your liver releases a large amount of toxins into your blood. Although your kidneys try and filter these toxins out and expel them through your urinary system, you may feel sick during the process. Generally, the symptoms surrounding this resemble a hangover – headache, upset stomach, and listlessness. Additionally, your liver and gall bladder will release fatty deposits that will make their way into your colon. Some of these deposits may get reabsorbed during their journey through your colon, thus introducing toxins back into your body that may have been suspended for years by your liver. This may cause allergy or flu like symptoms, or cause acne, or even aches and pains as your body tries to eliminate these toxins. Drinking plenty of water helps your body flush out these toxins through your colon and kidneys.

You may also experience a healing crisis when you are undergoing a whole body detoxification, such as through fasting . Since fasting is one of the most effective forms of whole body detoxification, it is also the most likely to cause a healing crisis. Fasting can release toxins or diseased cells that were stored in your fat deposits from quite some time ago.

One of the biggest misconceptions people face with the healing crisis is the belief that they have caught some hideous infection or that a condition like acne that they thought they were long rid of has once again returned. However, with a healing crisis, these symptoms are a sign that your body is finally purging itself of the last remnants of the toxins or substances that created the disease or ailment in the first place.

The best way to get rid of these symptoms is to drink plenty of water and continue with the detoxification process. Avoid overeating during a healing crisis, eating only light meals that are easy to digest. Obviously if you were fasting, then you would just continue to fast. 

Healing Crisis Article provides additional information on possible symptoms of a healing crisis and other ways to alleviate symptoms.

A healing crisis is a natural process in your journey –
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