Body Detox

Oxygen Therapy, Fasting, Hyperthermia,
and the Benefit of Exercise

This page will teach you whole body detox and cleansing methods, including oxygen therapy, fasting, the benefit of exercise and hyperthermia to maintain your body cleansing and detoxification program.

Now that you have cleansed your colon, kidneys and liver, learn how to detoxify your whole body by adding simple routines to your life.

To learn how to specifically detoxify and cleanse your colon, kidney and liver, please see organ cleansing. Detoxifying these organs is a crucial first step in your internal body detox and cleansing plan.

Why group fasting, the benefit of exercise, oxygen therapy and hyperthermia together on one page? Unlike the colon, liver and kidney cleanse, all of these types of body cleansing methods focus on cleansing the entire body – as a system.

Fasting and the Juice Fast

While food is vital to our health, unlike water, our bodies can go without food ( fasting ) for extended periods of time. But if food is vital to our bodies, why discuss fasting (going without food) voluntarily? Your body expends a tremendous amount of energy digesting and processing food. The food must be broken down to extract its vital nutrients and then be disposed of. While fasting, your body gets on with its job of housekeeping – cleansing and detoxification of its vital organs. In fact, fasting is one of the most effective methods of whole body detox.

That said, I am a wimp when it comes to fasting. I used to be mildly hypoglycemic and needed a constant source of food in order to keep my blood sugar up – or at least that is what I believed at the time. I would get irritable and get headaches when I would miss a meal. Well, I found that the juice fast is a great way of fasting without suffering from food withdrawal.


Hyperthermia, also known as heat therapy, fever therapy or sweat therapy, helps to detoxify your body and helps it heal itself. Hyperthermia is one of the most powerful natural detoxification methods. Hyperthermia (elevating your body heat) draws out toxins, helps clean clogged pores, kills harmful bacteria and viruses, increases circulation and enhances the immune system. Find out how to safely use hyperthermia to cleanse and detoxify your whole body.

Oxygen Therapy

Another method of whole body cleansing is through oxygen therapy. Oxygen is nature’s miracle cleanser and can be used very effectively to detoxify your whole body. The simplest form of administering oxygen therapy is through a simple deep breathing exercise. Another form of oxygen therapy is hydrogen peroxide therapy. Learn how you can use hydrogen peroxide therapy in conjunction with hyperthermia or in conjunction with colon cleansing.

Whole Body Detox - A Benefit of Exercise

You can help detoxify your whole body through the benefits of exercise. Exercise detoxification is an effective method of cleansing many vital organs simultaneously and should become a regular part of your life. Exercise increases oxygen to your system and raises your body temperature, in effect combining oxygen therapy and hyperthermia. When was the last time you got some exercise? Start using the benefit of exercise to cleanse and detoxify your body.

Healing Crisis

Before undertaking any detoxification plan, I suggest that you read about the healing crisis. It is important that you read this so you know what to expect during your cleansing and detoxification process.

Whole body detoxification is
The Natural Path to good health.

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