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Dissolve Kidney Stones In One Step

Kidneys are among your body's most important organs. Undergoing a kidney cleanse, as part of an overall toxic cleansing plan, will improve the continued long-term health of these vital organs.

Why are the kidneys so important?

Your urinary system produces and excretes urine from the body. Your urinary system consists of your kidneys, your bladder and urinary ducts. The kidneys are the most important organs in this system. Think of your kidneys as filters that cleanse toxins from your blood. If it were not for their constant filtration of our blood, we would be poisoned by our own waste products. Your kidneys also provide an important function in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance. Electrolytes are substances such as salts that dissolve or break apart into ions when mixed with water. Good health depends on maintaining a proper balance of water and electrolytes. Healthy kidneys are key to good health. Kidney cleansing can help you improve the health of your kidneys.

Just as our bodies produce waste from the food we eat, each of our cells produces waste as a result of normal metabolism. This cellular waste, along with drugs and other toxins, are picked up by the blood and carried to the kidneys for toxic cleansing.

Your kidneys are located just above your waistline – above the bony parts of your hip – under a layer of muscle, on either side of your backbone. Sometimes lower back pain is actually a symptom of kidney problems. As with the colon cleanse, a kidney cleanse can sometimes cure seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Metabolic waste must be removed from the blood, or it quickly accumulates to toxic levels – a condition called uremia. Bacteria can infect an unhealthy urinary tract, which leads to prolonged illness and fever. When someone with poor kidney health goes on a high protein diet, uric acid crystals can form in joints and kidneys – called gout – and in other parts of the body – called acidosis. By far, the most well known kidney problem is kidney stones – crystallized mineral deposits that develop in the kidneys. These stones are very painful when evacuated through urination. If kidney stones are sufficiently large, they can block the urinary flow, thus backing up the urine. Kidney cleansing can help dissolve kidney stones, to allow them to pass more easily through urination.

Kidney Cleansing Guide

As you can see, kidney cleansing is an important of an overall toxic cleansing program.

There are many herbs and juices that will detoxify your urinary system and dissolve kidney stones. To help you get the ingredients you will need, I have found a single online store that has most of the necessary ingredients - so you can save on shipping charges. I am a fan of this store because they offer good customer service and wholesale pricing. Each listed ingredient is linked to the specific item in their shopping cart, to make it easier for you to shop. Just go back and forth between this page and their shopping cart, until you have everything you need. Then simply checkout using their shopping cart.

Here is a simple kidney cleanse formula that you can conjure up at home to dissolve kidney stones and pass them painlessly. It will also improve the overall health of your kidneys.

  • 8 ounces of unfiltered (preferably raw or unpasteurized) organic apple juice
  • 20-30 drops of Hydrangea root tincture

Drink 1 cupful 3-4 times per day for approximately 3 weeks. If you have a history of kidney infections or kidney stones, then you should probably increase this to 5 weeks.

You may also combine this with any of the following ingredients in order to improve the efficacy of your kidney cleanse formula. Just the apple juice and hydrangea root are likely sufficient, but if one of these other ingredients is readily available, add it to your kidney cleanse routine.

  • 1 capsule Gravel root (also known as Queen of the Meadow)
  • 1 capsule Parsley
  • 10-15 drops Marshmallow root
  • 20-30 drops Bearberry (uva ursi)
  • 1 capsule Ginger root

Additionally, to help prevent kidney stones in the future, take one pill each of Vitamin B6 and the magnesium oxide once a day. The magnesium oxide may have the side effect of causing loosened bowel movements.

  • 100 mg pill of Vitamin B6
  • 300-500 mg of magnesium oxide

Water is Crucial

Remember to help with your kidney cleanse drink plenty of water each day to flush the excreted toxins out of your system! Information on the benefit of drinking water will provide you with guidelines on the minimum amount of water you should be drinking. The more water you drink, the more toxins your body will be able to expel as part of this cleanse.

Cleansing your kidneys is your next step on your toxic cleansing journey – The Natural Path to good health.

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