Supplements to Help
Promote Healthy Brain Function
and Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Various supplements and nutrients are necessary to help promote healthy brain function and help prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Finding a good blend of the right nutrients and herbal remedies makes it more cost effective and convenient.

I recommend the following products from Unicity. Go to Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease for more information on the effects of some of the nutrients contained in these supplements.

  • CognoBlend - contains:
    • Ginko biloba - an herb that promotes circulation in the brain
    • Bacopa monniera - an antioxidant that helps protect brain nerve synapses
  • Clear Thoughts® - blend of various nutrients to promote healthy brain functions, including:
    • L-Glutamine - an amino acid that is capable of crossing the blood brain barrier and helps promote memory function. Glutamine also helps control insulin resistance and helps stabilize blood sugar, thus reducing the effects of glycation.
    • L-Tyrosine - A precursor to certain neurotransmitters.
    • Choline - a nutrient in lecithin that is linked to boosting brain functions and memory
    • Phosphatidyl serine

You can go to Unicity's website for product information and to purchase their products. Should you decide to purchase their products, I am told that you may not be able to do so without a "Referring Associate ID number". I suggest that you write down ID# 97383701 (in case you wish to purchase products now or later) and use it as needed.

A few readers have told me that Unicity's site is a little confusing. Part of this confusion is that you should not be using the above ID number to log in to the site. You may need it when purchasing product, and only on the check out page asking you for your credit card and shipping information. Just find the product you wish to purchase, select the quantity on the drop-down menu, and hit the button for "Check Out". If you are still having problems, you can call Unicity's toll free order number: 800-864-2489 or you can contact me

Not convinced about Unicity?

Here's What I Liked About Unicity

Unicity is a U.S. based health and wellness company that has been around for some time. They offer nutritional products for cleansing, nourishing, and building vibrant cellular health.

They Use High Quality Pharmaceutical Standards

Unicity's manufacturing facilities use the FDA's drug GMP standards and have repeatedly received the highest scores given to nutritional supplement manufacturers by a leading independent quality audit firm, Shuster Laboratories, Inc. Their standards and testing of ingredients and formulations means that their products contain exactly what their labels say they contain, nothing more, nothing less. This is what initially sold me on the company.

Their Distribution Methodology Ensures Fresh Products

Most herbal and supplemental products have a shelf life, during which time their efficacy is close to what it is when it is manufactured. However, over time, their potency can diminish and their efficacy can change. A product going from the manufacturer to a distributor's warehouse and then to a retailer's shelf may have already past the point of losing its potency – BEFORE you even buy it. Unicity sells its products directly to customers - the product comes from a Unicity distribution center directly to you. To me that means that they take responsibility for the freshness of the product.

Their Products Are Based on Scientific Methodology

Unicity has a Medical Advisory Board comprised of practicing healthcare professionals and dieticians. Their Medical Advisory Board allows Unicity to present new science and formulations for review and trialing, to gather medical input and feedback in the research and development of their products. This is what put it over the top – something that has been needed in alternative healing for some time.

Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

Unicity actually backs its products by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. I guess they really believe in their products.

You can go to Unicity's website for product information and to purchase their products. Should you decide to purchase their products, I am told that you may not be able to do so without a "Referring Associate ID number". Write down ID# 97383701 (in case you wish to purchase now or later) and go to Unicity for more information about their products.

Get ready to take The Natural path to good health.

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