Fantastic E-Business Opportunity

Did you ever want to create an e-business opportunity? Well, after searching high and low for a simple recipe that makes sense, I came upon Sitesell.

Why is Sitesell such a find? Well, in a word traffic.....Sitesell has a great recipe to build traffic to your site that really works....and traffic is the key to the success of your e-business opportunity.

...and here is the proof that their recipes for building traffic work. Within 3 months of launching my site, I managed to get a ranking of approximately 100,000 on Alexa's traffic ranking service. There are approximately 56 million websites today. The majority of them get little or no traffic. Sites such as MSN, Google and Yahoo, generally ranked between 1 and 3 get the majority of the Internet's traffic. Most webmasters would do almost anything for a ranking of 100,000. Traffic is the key to success for any e-business opportunity.

Traffic is the key to surviving on the Internet. With traffic, you can:
  • Have your site count
  • Turn your traffic into a revenue stream

....yes, you heard it right, turn traffic into a revenue stream. How? Well Sitesell helps you with that too. It provides you with simple-to-use guides to turn traffic into an e-business opportunity:

  • Make money simply by putting ads onto your site.
  • You can also join affiliate programs and make money by referring your readers to other sites.

  • Finally, you can set up a storefront that allows you to sell products. Don't know what to sell? The Dropship Source Directory can help you find a supplier of the type of product that you want. You don't even have to hassle with inventory, shipping, fulfillment. Simply sell, sell, sell and place orders with your drop ship supplier. They to all the heacy lifting in terms of carrying inventory and shipping the product.

Sitesell makes it all easy as 1-2-3. The best part is that it is all included in your webhosting package, for a price that is competitve with other companies that provide just hosting. You get:

  • Fast web hosting services, including regular backups
  • Tools to help you decide which keywords to focus on to help you rank well in search engines like MSN, Yahoo and Google
  • Tools to help you easily build your site, with page checking to help you place keywords correctly on your pages.
  • Simple how-to guides on other ways to promote your site and build traffic
  • Automatic web page submission to search engines
  • An easy to use mail-out manager that helps you create newsletters to keep in touch with your subscription customers
  • Tools to generate and manage inbound links and RSS feeds
  • Tools to help you measure your traffic and where on your site that traffic is going
  • A supportive online community that likes to help you by giving experience-based advice to your questions
  • ...the list goes on and on.

Can you tell I am a fan of Sitesell? Find out why.....

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