Trafeze for Independence

If you are a webmaster, blogger or product seller who wants to increase their earnings and decrease their dependence on ad networks and large companies, read this very important message.


According to experts, one of the reasons an entrepreneur chooses to become one is their high regard for personal freedom. Freedom from a corporate environment, freedom from a boss and freedom from a set schedule are all part of an entrepreneur's work structure. If you enjoy this kind of flexibility, be aware that these types of freedoms are all possible with a successful online business, which might be why becoming self-reliant through online business is becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, the quest for this kind of freedom is not without its pitfalls. Let's look at a couple of typical examples.


One common method of monetizing is to build a successful website or blog and offer advertising space for a fee. This is a traditional form of monetization made popular decades ago by print publications like newspapers and magazines.  Up until recently, it was fairly easy to sign up for an ad network, get a snippet of code, place it on your site and get paid when a site visitor views or clicks on the ad. Times have changed because now there are ad blockers that prevent ads from displaying, cutting deeply into that revenue stream followed by ad network revenue cuts. What used to be a terrific income source is much less attractive than it used to be.    

Another common source of website revenue is to promote products on your pages for companies who manufacture or aggregate manufacturers' products. Instead of selling them directly, you would describe and recommend the product, linking to it from your page and guiding readers over to the product site where you would receive a commission for any sales generated from it.  Taxation and search engine penalties have made this type of monetization more difficult to use and it's harder to find. The companies who still work with it have made their guidelines more stringent or have slashed commissions, either of which equates to lower profits.


On the flipside, one of the best ways to monetize is to create or have your own tangible product to sell. This offers webmasters and bloggers independence from ad networks and large companies so they can earn without being unduly impacted by Internet changes, whims or cutbacks. Unfortunately creating a product is time consuming and labor-intensive, so many webmasters shy away from it.


Imagine if there were a solution to all this.  What if webmasters could have access to product makers/sellers and product makers had access to a plentitude of highly trafficked sites looking for products to sell?  What if there were a way for them to find each other, strike up working relationships and save time and money doing so?  

What if this were all made so much easier, faster and more risk-free than trying to do it alone?  Chances are, product sellers would sell more product and webmasters would find better ways to monetize. An arrangement like his could increase freedom in unprecedented ways.


Well, guess what? A new service that offers exactly this solution is in its infancy and that's why I'm writing this page. I'm talking about Trafeze, a new, in-the-making service that marries traffic sellers (webmasters and bloggers with traffic) with product makers. It's a bit like a marketplace, but also like a business match-making service for entrepreneurs of many kinds.


How Trafeze Works

After you sign up at, you'll enter your domain name(s) as well as your social network information. This is great, because if you have a large social network presence, or have a large email list, it could offset any issues with traffic numbers you might have. You'll also describe your site, which is public information to help show off your strengths.


Once you're fully signed up, the algorithm will match your profile with others you can work with – (traffic sellers for product makers and product makers for sites and blogs). You then make contact with your match to see if you can strike up a deal. If you can, you have just expanded your reach beyond what you can accomplish yourself.


Keep in mind this is a new service, so it's just getting started. The creators (SiteSell) are testing to see how much interest they get each step of the way. If you are interested, it's best to sign up and even if you don’t qualify with traffic numbers yet know that you may down the road.


If the page is not accepting applicants, please re-visit in a few days. SiteSell is rolling this out in stages, to ensure there is enough interest to develop the service fully.  If you have interest in Trafeze, it's best to sign up right away, so your interest can be noted. 

It's important that people get the message about Trafeze. The more that do, the better the service will be.  Once you sign up, take advantage of the free banners and post them online or through social media like the banner below.

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