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The Natural Way, Issue #001 -- Growing Concerns On Supplement Based Therapy
September 30, 2005
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The Pitfalls of Do-It-Yourself Body Cleansing Regimes

Various do-it-yourself therapies for body cleansing are featured on I have successfully used these do-it-yourself methods to alleviate a wide range of symptoms by cleansing my key elimination organs and ridding myself of parasites. However, I have growing concerns about the variability and efficacy of the necessary supplement-based ingredients and the shelf life of these supplements. Since the FDA has not implemented meaningful standards to regulate the supplement industry, different manufacturers use wide ranging standards that affect efficacy and shelf life of their products. Learn more about my concerns.

Cleansing Kits

Instead of purchasing and assembling the various ingredients to perform a colon cleanse, kidney cleanse and parasite cleanse, you can purchase one of a variety of kits, each containing a mixture of various fiber and herbal supplements. While intuitively, this approach seems like it should cost more than assembling the individual components, by the time you purchase all of the ingredients in their minimum quanities, you really do not save that much money using the do-it-yourself method. While the do-it-yourself methods seem like they should cost less, purchasing the various supplements individually can be time consuming and not necessarily inexpensive.

In order to reduce cost and improve the efficacy of body cleansing regimes, I have reviewed pricing, available literature and various personal recommendations on cleansing kits. I am now ready to make a recommendation for a colon cleansing kit, kidney cleansing kit, and a parasite cleansing kit.

Food To Lower Cholesterol

Since cholesterol is a product of genetics and lifestyle (diet and exercise), there are no naturally occuring magic pills for lowering cholesterol without modifying lifestyle and diet factors. On I described a natural cholesterol treatment plan that included recommendations on managing cholesterol through exercise and diet, with a specific emphasis on controlling blood sugar levels and consuming soluble fiber. These recommendations are based on my investigations and also my personal journey on managing my cholesterol.

I am excited about a product I have recently found - a fiber supplement clinically trialed and proven to lower LDL cholesterol twice as effectively as oat fiber! It also helps to manage blood sugar levels. I recommend that you look at this product and the science behind it.

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