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The Natural Way, Issue #004 -- Vitamin C, Easier and Less Expensive?, Stopped Up
January 08, 2006
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Happy New Year. I hope you all stayed healthy this holiday season. This year seemed like it was terrible for colds and flus - especially in Southern California. I hope some of the tips I sent in the last newsletter helped you ward off the various bugs that seem to hit us at this time of year.

Vitamin C Therapy

I went to a fascinating seminar recently on Vitamin C Therapy. The presentations focused on the use of vitamin C and other nutrients to help our bodies fight coronary artery disease and help prevent the spread of cancer - the top two killer diseases in the US today.

The underlying basis involves your body's ability to ensure the integrity of your cells and to make collagen, a primary building block in your bodies. I have added a section containing background on collagen and its role in our bodies, and why Vitamin C therapy is looked upon as a promising treatment for coronary artery disease.

I hope to add additional pages in the coming weeks on the presentations related to cancer.

Please refer to Vitamin C Therapy

Easier and Lower Cost?

Late last year I added the ability to purchase certain supplements directly on The Natural Path. I want to thank those of you that purchased these products. Regardless of my intentions, selling products directly on my site brought up questions about my recommendations and perceptions of conflicts of interest. Thank you to the visitors and friends that helped me see recognize this issue.

After some soul searching over the holidays, in a rare moment of clarity I realized that I started this site primarily to help people. Therefore, I decided to phase out the direct sale of products on The Natural Path and instead to recommend quality supplements on other sites that are in the primary business of selling health products. These recommendations will be for purchasing high quality supplements from businesses that have sufficient sales volume and inventory control processes to ensure product freshness. Moreover, I have found a few sites that offer wholesale prices and great customer service - a great combination given the cost of supplements.

Each product recommendation will link the product to the specific item and allow you to add it to the supplier's shopping cart. This is intended to make it easier for you to shop, using The Natural Path page as a shopping list. Just go back and forth between The Natural Path page and the supplier's shopping cart, until you have everything you need. Then simply checkout using their shopping cart.

Given the wide range of products, I have already gone back to the older body cleansing pages and added these links to the "do-it-yourself" methods of cleansing. This should make it a lot easier to perform these cleanses in this manner.

Stopped Up?

A close friend has tried the body cleansing techniques on this site over the past year. She told me that when she is using the Ivy Briggs Colon Cleansing Formula each evening, as recommended on The Natural Path (, she becomes regular. However, very shortly after she stops using this formula, she becomes irregular. She wanted to find a convenient, natural method of staying regular without having to use supplements on a continual basis. After trying higher fiber diets, which seemed to have only limited success on her, I stumbled on an old juice remedy that did the trick.

Since I figured that others of you out there may be going through similar problems and feeling a little frustrated, I would share what I found out.

I suggested that she work into her normal diet two cups of equal parts apple juice and spinach juice. The mineral salts and pectin in apple juice actually helps keep you regular. Part of the reason that the Ivy Briggs Formula is so effective is not just the herbal laxative, but the apple juice. Spinach is high in oxalic acid, which combines with the mineral salts and pectin in apples to form a unique substance with an incredible cleansing action.

Try it the next time you get stopped up.

Thank you for subscribing to The Natural Way and I hope you all have a Very Happy New Year.

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